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 Especially here at Bahrain at the first race, just before I put on my helmet and I look at the car and see the number one, it's going to be an emotional moment but as soon as you step into your car and close your visor last season is out the window and you're already focused on this year, 
— Jenson Button on the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix / March 14, 2010
 I have to say the guys are very good guys, it is good harmony, particularly knowing the boss quite well and he knows me too so it makes things a lot easier, a lot smoother 
— Michael Schumacher is settled in his new team / March 14, 2010
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 It was so hot out there, I burnt the top of my left buttock. 
— Jenson Button on the heat in the Bahrain Grand Prix / May 2009