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 I'm just going out there all the time to do my thing and show the world I'm probably the best 
— Usain Bolt / August 2008
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 All I can say is: Yo, Jamaican sprinters, taking over the world 
— Usain Bolt / August 2008
 I told you all I was going to be No. 1, and I did just that. 
— Usain Bolt / August 2008
 I'm shocked - I'm still shocked, I have been aspiring to the world record for so long. got out good, I ran the corner as hard as possible, and once I entered the straight told myself to keep it up, don't die on me now. 
— Usain Bolt on his world record / August 2008
 I've been saying all season that the 200 meters means a lot more to me than the 100 
— Usain Bolt / August 2008