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Ashley Cole Quotes

Football ace and a Chelsea defender


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 It's been a long time since I've won the league. It's my first title at Chelsea. People said I hadn't won a 'big one'. Hopefully now everyone will get off my back and realise why I came here. We can make this a great year by going on to win the double. 
— Ashley Cole congratulating Chelsea won the 2010 Premier League title / May 09, 2010
 F****** hell, my life is ruined. I just want to be left alone - everything's gone so wrong. 
— Ashley Cole speaking about the split from wife Cheryl Cole / March 06, 2010
 In the big games we defend well. We know we will get a chance and score because these guys [the forwards] are on form at the minute, 
— Ashley Cole praising Chelsea's defence / December 01, 2009
 If we keep clean sheets then we know we will win games. That's what matters in the big matches and if you want to win the league you have to beat these kinds of teams and so far it is going well. 
— Ashley Cole praising Chelsea's defence / December 01, 2009
 I felt I was being harassed by paparazzi and, while complaining to the police about this at the scene, they did warn me to calm down - a warning that I regrettably did not heed 
— Ashley Cole Speaking about his 2009 arrest / 2009
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