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 It was my first Ashes series and it was tough for me, but that's no excuse. I put too much pressure on myself and it cost me. I was trying so hard to impress that I forgot the basics of my game and I ended up impressing no-one, and so I can understand why they left me out. Instead of going out and just playing and not worrying about my score, I ended up putting a lot of pressure on myself, because I knew it was a great stage to score runs. I forgot about what I'm good at, which is watching the ball and that sort of stuff. I went away from the basics of batting and I've learned from that. 
— Ravi Bopara saying England were right to sack him when it came to Ashes last year / April 28, 2010
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 England have spun, swung and swatted their way to an incredible triumph. 
— Boris Johnson on England winning Ashes 2009 / August 24, 2009
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 The country is extremely proud of what you have achieved this summer. 
— Gordon Brown in a letter to Andrew Strauss after their Ashes win / August 24, 2009
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 You alright England? It's nice to see you lot, And we're thrashing the Aussies at the cricket! 
— Lily Allen applauding England for their performance so far in the fifth test match of Ashes 2009 / August 22, 2009
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 Come on England, Ashes coming home i reckon. 
— Lily Allen on her twitter feed, hopes England will win Ashes 2009 / August 22, 2009

 The first session was an awful one and from there it was hard to get back in the game. We need to learn lessons and make sure we don't make the same mistakes again. As a team, we've always come back well after performing badly. It's a time to be calm and not to panic - if we win at the Oval we win the series. 
— Andrew Strauss after losing the fourth test of Ashes 2009 in two and half days / August 09, 2009
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 This is the chance I've been waiting for the whole tour. I said from start how much it would mean to me to win this one. 
— Ricky Ponting desperate not to become the first Australian captain to lose two Ashes series in England / August 09, 2009
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 Stuart Clark has a real calm, experienced head on his shoulders. We all know Stuart is capable and it gave us the opportunity for Siddle and Johnson to operate in short bursts. 
— Ricky Ponting hailing Stuart Clark after winning the fourth test of Ashes 2009 / August 09, 2009
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