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Film Producer


Arthur Cohn has received three Oscars[1] for Best Documentary (shared with the respective director) and was awarded the Guardian of Zion Award in 2004.

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 The part of Kristen in Twilight is completely different from the one she plays in The Yellow Handkerchief, which is particularly interesting for Kristen's fans all over the world... In my personal opinion, from a pure acting point of view, The Yellow Handkerchief was a more difficult part to play. 
— Arthur Cohn on Kristen Stewart acting in the movie 'The Yellow Handkerchief' / November 24, 2009
 It was Jodie Foster, whom I respect and admire, who wholeheartedly recommended Kristen... and has always considered her a truly excellent young actress. 
— Arthur Cohn on Jodie Foster recommending Kristen Stewart for the movie The Yellow Handkerchief / November 24, 2009

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