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Anura Yapa Quotes

Media Minister, Sri Lanka


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 We have closed one chapter and the next one to be opened is rapid economic development. Any problem could be solved by discussions but when anyone takes up arms to solve problems they are vanquished by the gun as we have seen now 
— Anura Yapa / May 22, 2009
 Our IDP camps are the best in the world. These people who are in the camps were hostages of the LTTE for the past several years. 
— Anura Yapa on their IDP camps / May 22, 2009
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 The Government will provide food and other requirements to the IDPs, INGOs and NGOs have to work with Government authorities as we are a democratic and free country. But we had seen what some INGOs and NGOs had done in the past like providing vehicles and other equipment to the terrorists 
— Anura Yapa / May 22, 2009
 We will also resettle all IDPs after the UN clearance of landmines as it is a mandatory requirement which will take some time. We cannot resettle them now 
— Anura Yapa / May 22, 2009
 Many countries including China, Russia, and USA praised us for defeating terrorism. We are now addressing the next step in the national question. The All Party Representative Committee continues to meet to find a solution but as the President said it will be home grown one acceptable to all ethnic groups of the country and sustainable 
— Anura Yapa / May 22, 2009

 My youth was filled with news of terrorist atrocities carried out by the LTTE. I got all news on bomb blasts, killings perpetrated by the LTTE during my youth 
— Anura Yapa / May 20, 2009
 We are looking after those people... We want to free this country from the terrorist LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam). 
— Anura Yapa referring to civilians / May 17, 2009