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Anupam Kher Quotes

Bollywood Actor


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 If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older. 
— Anupam Kher posted on his twitter page / October 12, 2012
 I want to stick to acting forever. 
— Anupam Kher has no intention of entering into politics / February 14, 2011
 The only way to live is to be optimistic and Happy. And you have to decide to be like that and then practice it. Try it and Enjoy it.:) 
— Anupam Kher in a twitter tweet / September 16, 2010
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 'Kashmir is burning' is no more just a phrase, it is a REALITY now. And to dilute AFSPA will be suicidal. Unless we are prepared to let go. 
— Anupam Kher in a tweet message / September 14, 2010
 Indian hockey ....ZINDABAD :).Come on Guys, let us show d world that there is much more to us than just cricket. GO 4 IT. 
— Anupam Kher in a twitter tweet supporting the Indian Hockey team / February 28, 2010