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England and Chennai Super Kings cricketer


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 I love a fight against the best players in the world, and my favourite fight is against Sachin. I remember watching him while growing up, though he is not much older than me. Now that I've got the chance to play against him, I want to not just get him out but impress him as well 
— Andrew Flintoff saying his best fight is against Sachin Tendulkar / March 24, 2010
 Yes, I want him to walk off thinking... Oh! Freddie can bowl, can't he? Or, if I got some runs, for him to think... Well, he can bat a bit," smiled the former England skipper who has now made Dubai his home. 
— Andrew Flintoff wants to impress Sachin Tendulkar with his bowling skills / March 24, 2010
 Obviously, that's because of the respect I have for him. I enjoy playing against the likes of Sachin, Dravid... It's a great test. 
— Andrew Flintoff / March 24, 2010
 It's been a good move as a family and were spending a lot of quality time together, 
— Andrew Flintoff on his life after retiring from test cricket / March 24, 2010
 It's been great professionally as well, with all the facilities and the (warm) weather just right for my knee rehab. India is only three hours away and it will allow me to come back between some of the IPL games. I want to play in different parts of the world - in South Africa, in Australia eventually. Where Dubai is on the map, it's perfectly placed, 
— Andrew Flintoff / March 24, 2010

 I have always found him a really tough competitor every time I have played against him, but I know he has been struggling with injuries in recent months... From my own experience, I know how hard it is to keep performing at the highest level when you have a series of injuries but I am sure Brett will be remembered by cricket-lovers everywhere as an outstanding athlete, great fast bowler and a key part of Australia's success. 
— Andrew Flintoff on Brett Lee's retirement from test cricket / February 24, 2010
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 There was a tear in my eye. Then I saw a TV camera and I thought, 'Nobody is going to see me crying'. So I nipped into the toilet and gave myself a minute to pull myself together - then got on with celebrating. 
— Andrew Flintoff after playing his final test match / August 2009
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 Look at the greats of our game. Garry Sobers, Ian Botham, Ricky Ponting have achieved greatness over a long period of time. I've done it occasionally. I'm happy and proud but as for greatness? Nah. 
— Andrew Flintoff doesn't want to be called the greatest / August 2009
 There was the euphoria of an Ashes win and the realisation that I will never wear the whites for England again. I sat in my corner, the place I always sit at the Oval, while the lads were celebrating and jumping around. 
— Andrew Flintoff after playing his final test match / August 2009