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Amanda Seyfried Quotes

American actress, singer-songwriter and former child model


Amanda Michelle Seyfried began her career as a child model when she was eleven and when she was fifteen she began her career as an actress; starting off with an uncredited role and going on to have a recurring role on television series - which expanded into her having a successful television career. In 2004, Seyfried made her film debut in Mean Girls playing a supporting role. She then went on to other films including Nine Lives (2005) and Alpha Dog (2007). In 2008, after landing a lead role on a popular television series (Big Love in 2006) Seyfried appeared as Sophie Sheridan in the musical feature film Mamma Mia!. Other recent notable appearance include a supporting role in Jennifer's Body in 2009, and one of the two lead roles in Dear John the following year. She currently has three films in production.

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 Anyway, Colin Firth used to say that word on the set and Rachel had to explain to me what it meant. So it's on my foot. It's to make me laugh, and every time I look at it, I do. 
— Amanda Seyfried / March 06, 2010
 I have a dirty sense of humor, I can be blunt and vulgar. 
— Amanda Seyfried / March 06, 2010
 It was unnatural - I say that with a grin. Seriously, it is not the type of scene any actor is ever comfortable doing. Any kind of intimacy is strange. It is not your partner; it's the actor or actress. 
— Amanda Seyfried saying she felt "unnatural" shooting intimate scenes for her new movie Chloe. / March 03, 2010
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 I don't know what goes through my mind when I do these scenes. I am listening to Atom's technical directions, because things need to be in sync with the camera's movement. 
— Amanda Seyfried saying she felt unnatural shooting intimate scenes for her new movie Chloe. / March 03, 2010
 I definitely negotiated my way out of some stuff. It is perfect. That's the thing. At the end of the day I knew I would do whatever Atom needed from me in terms of nudity, but I knew he wouldn't need much because he doesn't really like to use it that much. He is a little uncomfortable with nudity. 
— Amanda Seyfried managed to get out of acting a few nude scenes in her new movie Chloe / March 03, 2010

 Being out of control is an issue for me, I'm a little anxiety-ridden. Therefore I can't really smoke a joint. I can't even have a hit. One little inhale and I get so dizzy. 
— Amanda Seyfried wants to be in control all the time / March 01, 2010
 When you are younger and you have to take hold of that career before it disappears, it's difficult to maintain any kind of status in Hollywood. It's really frustrating but it's true - sometimes you do have to sacrifice love. 
— Amanda Seyfried puts career before love / February 27, 2010
 I am a new mom to a little Aussie shepherd with a big heart called Finn. He is a little guy with a big heart. He is the love of my life. He is going to be big - he is going to be a 50-pounder and I won't be able to pick him up, but that's fine. 
— Amanda Seyfried has a new dog / February 24, 2010
 I can't get off my CrackBerry because it's always clicking. There's so much texting that some people don't know how to write in cursive anymore. But, I don't know, our technology is incredible now and it's really hard to abandon that. 
— Amanda Seyfried is addicted to her crackberry / February 24, 2010
 My 13-year-old self would be screaming right now if she saw me kissing Channing. When I was a teenager, I was dreaming about Justin Timberlake or Leonardo DiCaprio, who Channing has replaced as one of the sexiest men in movies. I'm sure a lot of girls are probably really jealous of me. It's crazy. Being an actor is weird sometimes because you get used to making out with all these different people. 
— Amanda Seyfried on her lip-lock with Channing Tatum / February 24, 2010