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American actress, singer-songwriter and former child model


Amanda Michelle Seyfried began her career as a child model when she was eleven and when she was fifteen she began her career as an actress; starting off with an uncredited role and going on to have a recurring role on television series - which expanded into her having a successful television career. In 2004, Seyfried made her film debut in Mean Girls playing a supporting role. She then went on to other films including Nine Lives (2005) and Alpha Dog (2007). In 2008, after landing a lead role on a popular television series (Big Love in 2006) Seyfried appeared as Sophie Sheridan in the musical feature film Mamma Mia!. Other recent notable appearance include a supporting role in Jennifer's Body in 2009, and one of the two lead roles in Dear John the following year. She currently has three films in production.

Amanda Seyfried Info

Birth nameAmanda Michelle Seyfried
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1985
Place of BirthAllentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Years active1995–present
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 I found it fascinating that the idea of her, it's all very much a general idea of who she is based on the fact that she was a porn star. But she wasn't really a porn star, she wanted to be an actress and she had a really intense, violent relationship with her husband and her husband essentially just coerced her into this world and she was exploited and she was left with essentially nothing. 
— Amanda Seyfried talks about his character Linda Lovelace in the movie 2013 film Lovelace / February 02, 2013
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 When taxidermy is done well it’s an amazing piece of art. I love animals and they’re very easy to look after when they’re dead. 
— Amanda Seyfried / March 09, 2012
 When came to visit there was a weird tension on set, Everybody was whispering, 'He's here! He's here!' You know, he's like a godfather. He's like De Niro to the younger generation of actors. 
— Amanda Seyfried comparing co-star Leonardo Di-Caprio to Robert De Niro / March 07, 2011
 I’ve always loved movies that have that kind of fantastical element to them. I was obsessed with Romeo and Juliet. I was, like, 11 when it came out. I watched it all the time. I couldn’t stop watching it. Leonardo DiCaprio was my absolute favorite. I was just so inspired by that movie, for whatever reason. It’s beautiful. It’s bright. It’s vivid and intense. And then the love story and the soundtrack … I probably shouldn’t have seen it as young I did, but I did and I loved it. 
— Amanda Seyfried saying Leonardo DiCaprio is her favorite actor / February 23, 2011
 I haven’t been back to London since before we split. It’s tough. I need to get back. But it’s hard when your relationship starts there and then goes on for three years. It’ll be difficult to go back but I love it. Oh god, it just feels so easy to be there. You don’t have to watch yourself all the time. 
— Amanda Seyfried will find returning to London difficult / February 22, 2011

 I can turn my sexuality on and off. It doesn’t exist in everyday situations. I don’t really think about it then, but there are certain situations where I will make myself be aware of it. Just to keep myself in check. 
— Amanda Seyfried no longer feels uncomfortable watching raunchy film footage of herself with her family / February 22, 2011
 What you read is false. That is so f**king not true! 
— Amanda Seyfried on the rumors that she split with boyfriend Ryan Philippe / February 19, 2011
 As for my mother, it doesn’t really matter what she says. Mom doesn’t like it when I take roles with nudity. She has tried to put me off a few roles because of the nudity, so as you can probably tell, I didn’t really listen. 
— Amanda Seyfried doesn't listen to her mom when it comes to her movie choices / February 18, 2011
 You can’t say ‘that’ word in America but I do use it — when I’m in good hands. I like it because people are so terrified of it. It’s weird that words have that much power but I don’t feel like I’m doing females wrong by saying it. 
— Amanda Seyfried loves swearing in good company / February 18, 2011
 When I’m playing a role like Valerie I can kind of let it hang out because I’m very open about my burping and, you know, things that my boyfriend’s mother wouldn’t appreciate. That’s just a saying because I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but it’s nice to play that young carefree girl and sort of be dirty, you know? 
— Amanda Seyfried enjoyed her role in Red Riding Hood / February 18, 2011