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Alex Reid Quotes

English professional mixed martial arts fighter


Alex Reid goes by the nickname "The Reidernator".

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 I'm going to have Botox above my eyes, even though I like my fighting scars there. I'm definitely going to have my nose fixed, even though I like it the way it is, 
— Alex Reid is going to have Botox / April 24, 2010
 People always ask me about Pete, but I’m not saying anything more on him. I am not interested. He is not on my mind. How long are people going to ask me about him for? I am just getting on with my own life. 
— Alex Reid doesn't want to talk about Peter Andre ever again / April 20, 2010
 A magazine said last week that the reason I didn't go to Elton John's Oscar party recently is because Katie was too embarrassed to take me. That is such nonsense - she's proud to be with me, as I am with her. 
— Alex Reid saying Jordan is proud to be his wife / March 23, 2010
 As I said last week, I didn't go to the party because I didn't want to be around alcohol when I was training. 
— Alex Reid saying Jordan is proud to be his wife / March 23, 2010
 Katie and I have been looking at new houses. I can't tell you where yet, but it's exciting. We want a new place that is just about the two of us - it'll be a fresh start. I like modern styles, but as long as it's got a good energy and feels right, I'm open to lots of options. 
— Alex Reid / March 23, 2010

 I've got some auditions coming up, which I'm thrilled about. One of them is for quite a big-budget BBC drama, and the director asked to see me specifically. I do not want to get too excited yet just because I know how this world works, but it feels really good to get the acting buzz back. 
— Alex Reid / March 23, 2010
 Even if it hadn't been legit, we'd have gone straight back to Vegas and done it again. 
— Alex Reid saying he would marry Jordan again in Vegas if his first marriage turned out to be illegal / March 16, 2010