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AIDS Quotes


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 When AIDS first surfaced in the 1980s, I sat on my little celebrity throne and did nothing about it... Oh, I did the odd charity thing, but I wasn't in there getting my hands dirty. My friends were sick and dying, and I didn't speak out. I certainly didn't do enough back then, and I don't know why, Then Ryan White, a boy I knew, died of AIDS. It took a child to die to get us serious. I decided to do something positive with my life and use my celebrity to help. 
— / February 20, 2010
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 It's the highest irresponsibility for anyone to put that message out. It's undone the good work people have been trying to do in terms of safe sex practices and education. What a mess 
— Annie Lennox quoting angry at Popes remarks on AIDS in Africa / April 2009
 If there was ever an example of irresponsibility, it's the Pope going to a country like Angola, where people are dying left, right and centre because of unprotected sex, and telling them they should carry on or that they should abstain. What planet is this person on? 
— Annie Lennox reacting to Pope's advice on AIDS prevention in Africa / April 2009