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Adam Lambert Quotes

American singer, songwriter, and actor


Adam Mitchel Lambert is from San Diego, California. In May 2009, he finished as the runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol. Lambert released his solo debut album, For Your Entertainment, on November 23, 2009.

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 I’d definitely be interested in that. I did theater for about 10 years in Los Angeles and a little bit in Europe. Getting back into acting would be very exciting and something that would make sense for me. 
— Adam Lambert saying he'd love to appear in a movie / November 14, 2010
 I don’t have any immediate plans but maybe something will come up. I think I’d like to try on-screen because I’ve never really done much of that, I’ve done a lot of theater and I’m not saying I won’t do more, but I’d like to do something new. 
— Adam Lambert would love to act in a movie / November 14, 2010
 No, I’m not worried at all. The more I worry about it the more likely I am to do it. It’s no big deal. And anyway, I have only done it twice. It’s just that people have made a big fuss about it. 
— Adam Lambert is not worried about picking up an infection from fans / November 04, 2010
 GaGa told me about the previous three years. She worked really, really hard before she made it. She told me there’s no glamor, you don’t get a lot of sleep, you don’t get a lot of stability in your social life — you just have to count on yourself and go for it. It was a good pep talk. And she was right. 
— Adam Lambert got advice from Lady Gaga / September 27, 2010
 Madonna told me that you can’t get wrapped up in all the media and message boards, that everyone’s going to have an opinion. People will criticize you especially when you’re doing it well. You can’t do much better than getting career advice from Madonna. She’s the queen, right? I’ve learned there are plenty of challenges, but if you work hard enough you can arrive. You find a spot for yourself and get to communicate with your art and hopefully inspire people. That’s what I’m working towards. 
— Adam Lambert got advice from Madonna / September 27, 2010

 Battery? Nope. I attempted to grab a camera, no punches were thrown and no one was on the ground…It was literally harmless. If embarrassment is a crime — that’s all I’m guilty of. 
— Adam Lambert denies getting violent with a photographer / September 18, 2010
 The thing about kissing somebody is that you know if the person wants to be kissed or not. I would never kiss anybody who didn’t want to be kissed. The people I kiss are the people who give me that eye the entire night. I would never force myself on anybody. 
— Adam Lambert will never kiss any fan against their will / August 25, 2010