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 I like acting, I like actors, it gives me tremendous joy. I hope I can keep doing it until I don’t have the opportunity to do so any more. I also like directing, maybe I’m greedy but I like to do both, 
— Ben Affleck likes acting / September 15, 2010
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 Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem. If I don’t love something, I stop doing it. I don’t love acting anymore, so I’ve stopped doing it. 
— Amanda Bynes posted on her twitter page / June 23, 2010
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 There is so much I want to do, I would love to try my hand at acting. 
— Rihanna wants to act in movies in 2010 / January 06, 2010
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 This was unlike any skunky smell I had ever smelled. The next day it was my first day at work and I was with Matthew and he's so dreamy and so I showered and showered and washed and washed 
— Jennifer Garner speaking about her first scene in Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past and her co-acting with Matthew McConaughey / May 2009
 I would love to do more acting, maybe movies - that would be really cool. 
— Joe Jonas expressing his interest in acting / April 29, 2009
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 Acting can truly take a toll on your nerves. I mean we have to be larger than life. Worse, I've seen actors acting off the sets too. 
— Preity Zinta on acting
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 I've never had a problem going topless or getting naked in a film. When you're on the beach you're almost naked anyway 
— Olga Kurylenko saying she is bares all in the her upcoming film
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