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AB Bardhan Quotes

Indian Politician, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India


Ardhendu Bhushan Bardhan is the general secretary of the Communist Party of India, one of the oldest political parties in India. He is from Nagpur and contested many elections from there winning none, except in 1957 for the Maharashtra State Assembly. He moved to Delhi politics in the 1990s and became General Secretary of the CPI in 1996 after Indrajit Gupta.

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 Congress does not need our support to form Government. We will sit in opposition. 
— AB Bardhan / May 16, 2009
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 It's a decisive victory for Congress 
— AB Bardhan on 2009 Indian Elections / May 16, 2009
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 Our expectations have not been fulfilled, we admit.... Congress is in a position to form government. Let it form. We will sit in the opposition 
— AB Bardhan conceding defeat / May 16, 2009
 No denial that the Congress has won. We will continue to sit in the opposition, as we always have. 
— AB Bardhan conceding defeat in 2009 Indian elections / May 16, 2009
 I don't think he has left us. You (media) are reading too much into it. He (Rao) was invited and so he has gone. 
— AB Bardhan on TRS Chief K Chardrasekhara Rao meeting BJP at a rally in Ludhiana / May 10, 2009

 We will sit in the opposition. If the Left Front doesn't form the government, we will sit in the opposition 
— AB Bardhan about the stance of the CPI after elections / May 2009
 The election plan proved to be a disaster with all the four Left parties losing heavily and their tally getting reduced from 61 to just 24 MPs 
— AB Bardhan / May 2009