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Aamir Khan Quotes

Indian film actor, director and producer


Aamir Khan (born Aamir Hussain Khan) worked in a number of critically and commercially successful films and has established himself as one of the leading actors of Bollywood. He is also the founder-owner of Aamir Khan Productions.

Aamir Khan Info

Date of BirthMarch 14, 1965
Place of BirthMumbai, Maharashtra, India
OccupationsActor, film producer and director, Writer
Spouse (s)Reena Dutta (1987 - 2002), Kiran Rao (2005 - present)
Years active1973–1974, 1984, 1988–2001, 2005 – present
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 I am going to be in Paris on the 2nd of May and would very much like to meet up with those of you who are interested. Will restrict the group to 5. Each one of you can bring one more person with you. If you happen to be below 18 years of age you will have to accompanied by an adult, 
— Aamir Khan wants to meet his fans in Paris / April 30, 2010
 I endorse Incredible India, so I am the brand ambassador of the whole country. 
— Aamir Khan / March 31, 2010
 An actor is a citizen of the country. He also has the right to the freedom of expression just like other people, 
— Aamir Khan is not against actors becoming politicians / March 31, 2010
 He is trying to take away the credit from the film's writer Abhijat Joshi, which I am very upset about. It is an attempt on his part to try and take the credit away from the person who has actually worked on the script. It's very unfortunate. There should not be any confusion to anyone that Abhijat is our film's writer, 
— Aamir Khan on chetan bhagat's comments on the movie 3 Idiots / December 31, 2009
 But in my opinion the credit should be given to Abhijat. For three years, this man has worked on the script. Nobody knows him, but Chetan is a big star, Now the film has become successful so he is trying to get some publicity. It's very unfortunate 
— Aamir Khan on chetan bhagat's comments on the movie 3 Idiots / December 31, 2009

 I think any human being should not be attacked. I don't think any human being's dignity should be attacked in this manner. Most disturbing to hear about racist attacks on Indians living in Australia. Quite a shame. While this doesn't mean that all Australians are racists, the frequency and seriousness of such attacks, I think, calls for an extra ordinary reaction from the Australian authorities. 
— Aamir Khan on the recent attack against Indian students in Australia / June 01, 2009
 Kiran (Rao) is my partner and a very special part of my life. I hope it remains like that. 
— Aamir Khan
 Every film I do, means a lot to me. The failure of Mela, definitely made a difference to me. I am not comfortable with the idea of my films not releasing to their full potential. 
— Aamir Khan