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50 Cent Quotes

American rapper and actor


Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper and actor. He rose to fame with the release of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003) and The Massacre (2005). Both albums achieved multi-platinum success, selling more than twenty-one million copies combined.

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 I would never make a picture like that its all over my time line... You all play much I’m sure Jay is the happiest he’s ever been in his life. 
— 50 Cent makes clear that he is not making Jay-Z or Beyonce by posting a baby picture on his Twitter / January 12, 2012
 I really wanted Peggy to throw me out of her pub, but I didn’t get it organized quick enough and it’s too late now. I’ve performed with Eminem and Justin Timberlake, acted with De Niro and Pacino, had a guest spot on The Simpsons — in the U.S. a sign that you’ve made it to the very top, but I can’t fulfill my biggest showbiz dream. 
— 50 Cent / September 14, 2010
 It’s the art of eating, The no complex route. It seems everything that is fun is no good for you. I had different things I don’t usually have in my diet to put the weight back. I’m now 210lbs. I was a little fat boy, but I’m back at the gym. At my maximum weight I was 214. 
— 50 Cent has regained almost all the weight he lost for preparing for a film role / August 06, 2010
 I would kiss Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. I would marry Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna in Africa, I'd have 3 wives! And I would avoid wearing c***oms and have really big families. 
— 50 Cent / March 24, 2010
 I think the video is hot. But there's a shot in the video in the diner that's just b*****s. And it looks great, but if I shot the same shot in my music video, they would make me edit that immediately. Even if I had someone who was recognizable female talent that was part of the project, they wouldn't allow that to go. They would think it was you taking advantage of a girl for marketing purposes or whatever. 
— 50 Cent on Beyonce and Lady Gaga's Telephone video / March 24, 2010

 It's their personal perception of your intentions of how you utilise it. Like ‘It's Britney b***h' nobody has a problem with that. But if I say, ‘It's 50 b***h,' everyone's like, ‘Oh my god! You got to edit that.' 
— 50 Cent / March 24, 2010
 I don't think I'll retire. I think you should look forward to me going behind the scenes more. I still have passion for music. And the music business itself has changed. 
— 50 Cent doesn't want to retire / March 19, 2010
 If you can't figure out how to develop the brand extension and opportunities that allow you to build up the marketing dollar, I don't see how you can continue to be a superstar. 
— 50 Cent doesn't want to retire / March 19, 2010
 For me, it's an opportunity. I wrote the screenplays. Before I Self Destruct — that was the first one I wrote and directed. I hate to say it's not my best, but it was done on a budget and that makes it not as… extravagant as some of the things you'll see from me in the future. But since then I've created two other projects: Gun, I wrote that screenplay, and I wrote and produced a film called Love Me, Love Me Not. So I'm looking forward to a lot of different things. 
— 50 Cent wants to write and star in movies / March 19, 2010