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2010 Wimbledon Championships Quotes


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 I'm not the favourite, so I can just play my game and enjoy it, 
— Petra Kvitova admits she is not the favorite in the semifinal match against Serena Williams at Wimbledon 2010 / July 01, 2010
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 I actually thought she would get through in the early rounds. I'm not surprised that I'm playing her. She's really, really good. Early in the tournament, I saw her playing a couple of rounds and I was like, 'wow, she's doing really well'. She was just hitting the ball so clean. When she beat Wozniacki I wasn't surprised, because I just saw how well she was playing. She's a really tough player, especially on grass. 
— Serena Williams is impressed by the form shown by Petra Kvitova in Wimbledon 2010 / July 01, 2010
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 Rafa played terribly lately, Soderling is not a threat either. He's got an easy ride to this victory, that's for sure. Djokovic can't play tennis anymore it seems like. 
— Roger Federer in a bad tempered press conference after his loss to Tomas Berdych in Wimbledon 2010 Quarterfinal / June 30, 2010
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 We haven't seen the end of Federer. He's not playing much worse, he just misses the occasional shot and doesn't come to the net any more. But I'm convinced he will still win another grand slam, probably on hardcourts or here at Wimbledon. 
— Pat Cash is still confident that Roger Federer will win another grand slam title despite his exit from Quarterfinals in both French Open and Wimbledon in 2010 / June 30, 2010
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 He put the bar so high, that losing in the quarter-final of two grand slams in a row is surprising. The question has to be asked did he lose a bit of motivation? Whatever it is it's not the Roger we've seen for so many years. 
— Boris Becker after Roger Federer lost in the quarterfinals to Tomas Berdych in Wimbledon 2010 / June 30, 2010
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