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2010 Twenty20 World Cup Quotes


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 Our execution with the ball was spot on. I think these conditions are really going to help our fast bowlers, there was a lot of pace and bounce in that wicket. There was also a little bit of spin as well. 
— Michael Clarke after defeating Bangladesh and qualifying the Super Eights / May 05, 2010
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 Our top order obviously didn't perform as well as we'd like. The conditions were a lot different to St Lucia, we probably didn't adapt as well as we'd like. But to scrape our way to 140, Huss played a wonderful innings as he always seems to do when we're under pressure, and young Steve Smith batted really well. 
— Michael Clarke after defeating Bangladesh and qualifying the Super Eights / May 05, 2010
 India have got some good spin bowlers, Harbhajan [Singh] is one of the best in the world, so we're going to have to work out a plan against him and back ourselves at that. Every player in our team plays spin bowling differently, you need to be confident with your plan and stick to that. 
— Michael Clarke is vary of Indian spin attack / May 05, 2010
 Spin bowling is going to play a big part in this tournament, whether that's how you face spin or you bowl spin, 
— Michael Clarke after defeating Bangladesh by 27 runs in the 2010 Twenty20 World Cup / May 05, 2010
 We have got to go back to the drawing board, but give credit where it’s due and England’s batsmen batted very well. We need to look on the areas where we went wrong. 
— Chris Gayle admits their bowling needs to improve / May 03, 2010
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 The locals are very right about the weather. The rain actually fell in our favour, which was unfortunate for England. 
— Chris Gayle saying his side had benefited from the rain in their victory against England / May 03, 2010
 I think it’s something they’re going to have to look into. I would support what Collingwood just said. I could have been in the same position as well. It’s something that can be addressed, so it can be ‘even Stevens’ for both teams in the future. I’m happy, but it’s just unfortunate for England. It was a good game. It was just unfortunate for England to have to lose in this manner. 
— Chris Gayle supports Collingwood's views on Duckworth Lewis method in Twenty20 Cricket / May 03, 2010
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 We’ve still got a chance in the tournament. What we did today was exceptional – what we spoke about in the dressing room, what we picked guys for ... they did it exactly. 
— Paul Collingwood is looking forward to playing Ireland to advance to the Super Eights stage in the Twenty20 World Cup / May 03, 2010
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 I’m trying to take the emotion out of that defeat. But I think 95% of the time when you get 191 for five on the board you are going to win the game. Unfortunately, Duckworth-Lewis seems to have other ideas – bringing the equation completely the other way. It’s the second time it’s happened to us now against West Indies, so it is very frustrating – because tonight we’ve played a near perfect game but we’ve lost. We’ve just got to bounce back tomorrow against Ireland. 
— Paul Collingwood after their loss to West Indies by Duck Lewis Method in the Twenty20 World Cup / May 03, 2010
 It's good to see what exactly the conditions are like. It's not very similar to the sub-continent but the wickets are on the slower side and it doesn't come on to the bat really nicely. So I can see spinners being a big part of this Twenty20 World Cup. 
— Mahendra Singh Dhoni feels spinners have the advantage in the 2010 Twenty20 World Cup / May 01, 2010
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