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2010 Twenty20 World Cup Quotes


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 I would exchange any major individual honour in my career for a winner’s medal at an ICC event. You can take any Man of the Match Award away. I want to win a major ICC event, and it is the same for all the other senior players, 
— Herschelle Gibbs desperate to win the 2010 Twenty20 World Cup / April 30, 2010
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 The bowlers now try to take wickets, it is not just about big hitting. This World Cup will be all about which team display better skills and play clinical and sensible cricket, 
— Aamer Sohail on the 2010 Twenty20 World Cup / April 30, 2010
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 I don’t think we will see the high ratio of sixes and big totals this time in this tournament mainly because of the pitches and the weather conditions in the West Indies would also test the teams, 
— Aamer Sohail on the 2010 Twenty20 World Cup / April 30, 2010
 Shahid Afridi is perfect for T20 cricket and he has lot of energy and enthusiasm as a captain. He will be vital to Pakistan’s success in the tournament. I see him turning out to be an inspirational leader for his team, 
— Inzamam-ul-Haq on Shahid Afridi as a captain for Pakistan / April 30, 2010
 The way I see it this Pakistan team is well balanced and so strong for this format of the game. It shouldn’t lose to any team unless they self-destruct with internal issues. The bowling is strong and has variety so that will be their strength but the batting has issues and the senior players will have to shoulder the responsibilities, 
— Inzamam-ul-Haq saying Pakistan is a well balanced side and has the potential to defend their Twenty20 World Cup title / April 30, 2010

 India and South Africa, I think, are the greatest threats to Pakistan’s ambition to win the T20 World Cup. I am very impressed with the disciplined way South Africans play, while the Indians have some dangerous players with plenty of flair, 
— Inzamam-ul-Haq saying India and South Africa are the greatest threats to Pakistan in the Twenty20 World Cup / April 30, 2010
 I hope our performances in the Caribbean World Twenty20 catches the eye of some IPL team-owner. 
— Hamid Hassan hopes they will become part of IPL in the future / April 29, 2010
 It's the same - It's exactly the same. For me, it's as serious as a One-day match or a Test match. 
— Michael Clarke takes the Twenty20 cricket serious / April 29, 2010
 India are favorites because their players play in the IPL. 
— Shane Warne saying India are the favorites to win the Twenty20 World Cup / April 29, 2010
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 This isn't the first time we are playing World Cup and not first time that we are playing so much. We should stop asking. We play throughout the year, five years before or after we will keep playing...the only factor is hopefullly we dont have any major injuries to any players, 
— Mahendra Singh Dhoni when asked if India can repeat the success they had 3 years ago by winning the Twenty20 World Cup / April 28, 2010
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