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2010 Times Square Car Bomb Quotes


A car bomb was being dismantled by officers at the Times Square on May 1, 2010. An NYPD mounted policeman spotted a box smoking in the back of the sport utility vehicle. The Times Square area was evacuated shortly after that.

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 Luckily, no one is hurt, and now the full attention of city, state and federal law enforcement will be turned to bringing the guilty party to justice in this act of terrorism, 
— David Paterson on the Times Square car bomb / May 02, 2010
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 So far, we have no reports of anybody running away (from the car). That doesn't mean there won't be when we look at all the cameras. 
— Michael Bloomberg saying officials said authorities are going through video from dozens of surveillance cameras in the area to find the suspects / May 02, 2010
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 There were gas cans and bomb making materials in the car. Who abandoned the car and why are under investigation. 
— Michael Bloomberg on the Car Bomb that has been dismantled by the NYPD at Times Square / May 02, 2010
 The president commended the quick action by the NYPD and...the federal government is prepared to provide support, 
— President Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro in a statement / May 01, 2010
 It looked like something digital. It went off, it just didn’t go off like it was intended to, 
— a law-enforcement official on the car bomb / May 01, 2010

 We are very lucky. We avoided what could have been a very deadly event. 
— Michael Bloomberg on the dismantled car bomb at the Times Square / May 01, 2010
 It was a mass of people running away from the scene. There were too many people, too many cops. I've never seen anything like it. 
— Katy Neubauer and Becca Saunders, tourists, who was shopping at Times Square on the car bomb / May 01, 2010
 At the end of the show, the police came in. We were told we had to leave, They said there was a bomb scare. 
— Shelly Carlisle, of Portland, Ore., a tourist on the car bomb / May 01, 2010
 This appears to be a car bomb that the bomb squad is in the process of dismantling. We do not know the motive. 
— NY Police spokesman Paul Browne on the car bomb found at Times Square / May 01, 2010
 There are so many video cameras in time sq. Who ever planted this truck is screwed. 
— Ashton Kutcher in a tweet about the car bomb that has been found at Times Square in New York / May 01, 2010
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