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2010 Krishna-Clinton meet Quotes


External Affairs Minister SM Krishna met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New York to discuss on various issues.

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 But I think what unites us is the fact that there is so much good and so much superb cooperation that is taking place, so I think that good common cooperation will help carry us through a lot of these irritants, 
— Robert Blake saying that there will be some irritants in the large and complicated relationship between India and US / September 28, 2010
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 ...the sum of the relationship is greater than its parts and what we have is growing strategic dialogue and growing partnership between the two countries, 
— Nirupama Rao saying the row over the hike in H1B Visa should be only seen a small part in the big Indo-US relations / September 28, 2010
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 Our concerns have been raised and we have spoken our views about the risks inherent in protectionist trends that often detract from the positive impulses of cooperation in trade and economic interaction between the two countries. I think that was also understood by the US administration in our discussions and they were agreeable to the fact that we need to discuss these issues and try to resolve them, 
— Nirupama Rao saying that India has conveyed its concerns about the H1B fee hike with Hillary Clinton / September 28, 2010