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2010 Indian Union Budget Quotes


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 The manner in which the opposition sought to disrupt the presentation of the budget speech is not in keeping with the democratic norms and traditions that we cherish. The disruptive approach of the opposition was evident to the entire nation. 
— Sonia Gandhi / March 04, 2010
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 We have many essential social obligations and to meet them it is necessary to raise resources. I congratulate the Finance Minister for a fine and delicate balancing act, which has been widely welcomed, 
— Sonia Gandhi congratulating Pranab Mukherjee for deft handling in the 2010 Union Budget / March 04, 2010
 If [the] budget proposal doesn't get passed, then the government will collapse. So I am not looking at that. We are dealing with it... DMK is the partner for six years. There have been occasions when divergence of views has been there. So, it is possible that in a coalition government, there will be divergent views. But there is mechanism with which we deal with it. So I am not worried about that and I am not rolling back that [price hike of petroleum products] proposal. 
— Pranab Mukherjee on DMK and Trinamool Congress demanding roll back in the fuel prices hike / March 01, 2010
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 When we propose something, we do that for implementation, not for rollback. There was a basic approach to the budget which I tried to introduce through various proposals 
— Pranab Mukherjee is firm that the Government will not roll back the hike in fuel prices / March 01, 2010
 The Finance Minister has imposed a number of indirect taxes. It will lead to free market economy, 
— D. Raja on the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 28, 2010
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 The Finance Minister should roll back the duties imposed on petroleum products. He should do it immediately...... the government should have maintained some sort of transparency on the issue. On Thursday, a day before the Budget, the Parliament was debating price rise and the government assured that it was taking steps to contain it. The next day it imposes duties on petroleum products. The government should have been honest, 
— D. Raja on the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 28, 2010
 It's a Budget for the rich. The Centre is under the delusion that the country is out of the red. Subsidies to farmers have been cut. The government is trying to evade its responsibility. 
— BV Raghavulu on the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 26, 2010
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 The budget is simple, pro-poor and pro-farmer. Middle and lower middle classes and the downtrodden sections will stand to gain. 
— D Srinivas on the 2010 Indian Union Budget / February 26, 2010
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