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2010 Indian Premier League Quotes


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 Unfortunately we have had a few results which could have easily gone the other way and which would have made a great difference to our season, however I do not like to look backwards and I'm now looking forward with a very positive mind and with a very determined team to deliver the results that we know that we can achieve. 
— Matthew Hayden thinks Chennai Super Kings has a chance of making it to the semis in 2010 IPL / March 30, 2010
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 I love the Chennai Super Kings and being in Chennai and I still believe we have a good chance to make the semi-finals but as you know we have to start winning and keep winning, 
— Matthew Hayden thinks Chennai Super Kings has a chance of making it to the semis in 2010 IPL / March 30, 2010
 In practice the bowlers are bowling well but in match situations they are unable to execute the plans 
— Mahendra Singh Dhoni saying their players lack confidence / March 26, 2010
 Bangalore and Mumbai are certainly the form teams for now but things can change with injuries and slump in form. It's for other teams to bring them to the pack, 
— Stephen Fleming / March 24, 2010
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 There is no other sporting event across the world generating more eyeballs than the IPL, 
— Lalit Modi on IPL 2010 / March 24, 2010
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 I'm enjoying this format. It was the one format I really wanted to do well in, so I worked really hard at it. It's been nice batting at the top of the order. My role is to bat through the innings. The guys around me have played superbly and taken the pressure off me and let me play my natural game. 
— Jacques Kallis is enjoying the T20 format of cricket / March 20, 2010
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 We have a lot of good players still to join us (Ross Taylor, Kevin Pietersen, Cameron White). It's still early in the tournament, and we're far from qualifying for the semi-finals, so a lot of hard work is still ahead. We're taking it one game at a time and not getting ahead of ourselves. Still, it's nice to think of the depth that's coming in. 
— Jacques Kallis on the foreign players in their team in the IPL / March 20, 2010
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 I'm going to keep going as long as I can. When you're in good form, especially when you have back-to-back games you have to keep going. I'm enjoying bowling as well. I've done a lot of training form the fitness point of view and it's good. I've worked hard for the last couple of years. 
— Jacques Kallis after defeating Mumbai Indians in 2010 IPL / March 20, 2010
 We don't like to think too much about being rated favourites. It's just the start, we'll take it one match at a time. I'm extremely pleased that we have won 3 out of 3 matches after the first loss. 
— Anil Kumble is pleased to win 3 matches but is taking one match at a time / March 20, 2010
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 Well old habits die hard you know. This is just four overs and it's 45 days a year, so it's nice. The ball is coming out of the hand nicely, though it might be a bit slower! I think it's still a young man's game, but I'm happy to do my bit. 
— Anil Kumble when asked about his competitiveness and fitness / March 20, 2010