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2010 Indian Premier League Quotes


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 There were a lot of suggestions (following the team's poor performance in the first two seasons). Juhi (Chawla) said ‘let's change the colour'. But I don't think anyone in the team is superstitious. I do pray, and we say prayers in the dressing room before every match. But the players know it's about performance. Actually, when you lose, you want to change every thing and start afresh. 
— Shahrukh Khan on the color change in team's jersey / March 07, 2010
 I think we played well, but sport is like that. A loss doesn't mean it's a bad performance. Every team is not like Sachin (Tendulkar) who always wins. He is a genius. Maybe it was the multiple captains' theory; maybe we worked hard but not hard enough… But I believe that our performance in the second season was better than the first because the matches we lost were by a close margin. 
— Shahrukh Khan on Kolkata Knight Riders' performance in 2009 Indian Premier League / March 07, 2010
 John was a good coach, but I think communication (between him and the players) was a problem. We decided to change the coach in the best interest of the team. I felt sad to see him go. Probably, it was due to the language or the age factor. But Dav has worked with the Sri Lankan and Bangladesh teams and also been with the National Cricket Academy. So, communication has improved this time. 
— Shahrukh Khan when asked if Dav Whatmore is a better coach than John Buchanan / March 07, 2010
 Nobody likes to lose. Sometimes you lose to win again, you fall to rise higher. We have miles to go and promises to keep. We will try and lift the IPL this year. Even though we are in Mumbai, we would take the trophy to Calcutta. I would also like to see Mumbai Indians do well, as also the other franchises, but I want our team to better than the others. 
— Shahrukh Khan on Indian Premier League / March 07, 2010
 We are basically a strong batting unit. We have a useful bowling attack too. We have players who can step in to bowl if our main bowlers go for runs. I think, overall, we have a balanced side, 
— Mahendra Singh Dhoni saying Chennai Super Kings has a balanced side / March 07, 2010

 I think the security has been great. We are all feeling comfortable. 
— Mahendra Singh Dhoni on the security / March 07, 2010
 I wasn't comfortable in coming to a decision myself, but, luckily, the Australian Cricketers' Association has done a lot of investigating and has been pushing to make it a lot safer for us. They think if things keep progressing the way they are, then things will be fine from next week and the start of the tournament. 
— Dirk Nannes is happy with the security arranges for the IPL / March 07, 2010
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 I have always felt pretty good in India. Security can be a bit of perception. If you feel safe, then you probably are safe. But the reality may be completely different. 
— Dirk Nannes / March 07, 2010
 Throughout my international career, I have mostly opened or batted at No. 3. Though I haven't decided, it will be either opening or at No. 3. 
— Sourav Ganguly is unsure about his batting position in the team / March 04, 2010
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 When you have players like Chris Gayle, Brad Hodge, David Hussey, Angelo Mathews and Ajantha Mendis in your ranks, it becomes a difficult choice. 
— Sourav Ganguly saying it would be difficult to choose only four international players per match / March 04, 2010