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2010 Indian Premier League Quotes


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 It is unfortunate that Brett Lee has to leave the tournament due to a fractured thumb. I hope not as we know he is a world-class performer and we would like him to be back fit soon. 
— Kumar Sangakkara on Brett Lee leaving IPL 2010 with an injury / April 15, 2010
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 We really are not following the IPL closely. We don't know who is playing or who is not playing because the purpose of holding this training camp has been to gel the players and allow them to prepare as a team for the World Twenty20, 
— Shahid Afridi saying their players are not following the IPL 2010 / April 09, 2010
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 No I don't have any regrets at all. In a way it is a blessing in disguise for all our players that we are not playing in the IPL before the World Cup. Given the problems that have besieged Pakistan cricket in recent months it is good that we have got time to work together as a team in the World Cup training camp, it has allowed us to settle down and focus on the World Twenty20, 
— Shahid Afridi saying not being picked up for IPL 2010 is a blessing in disguise / April 09, 2010
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 I am disgusted and horrified that a news reporter can stoop down to such a level. I, in all my career, haven't seen such a disgusting piece of news. 
— Yuvraj Singh slamming the reports that he has been under performing after losing captaincy to Kumar Sangakkara / April 02, 2010
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 Robin's innings is some of the best hitting I have ever seen. I saw it on the TV from Bangladesh, but to watch it live from the other end was something else. I have played against Brett Lee in Tests, and to hit him like that, all credit to Robin. 
— Kevin Pietersen on Robin Uthappa's performance against Kings XI Punjab / April 02, 2010
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 It does hurt. Big total on the board, we bowled well in the first 10, but the fielding let us down. That's the story for us in the tournament. We have had so many opportunities, but failed to deliver. 
— Kumar Sangakkara after losing to Royal Challengers Bangalore despite scoring 181 / April 02, 2010
 I am not a party person but here it is compulsory to attend these parties so I spend about 30 minutes there and then leave! 
— Vinay Kumar is not a party person / April 2010
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 I don't think that it's just a young man's game at all. You just can't go out there and smash every ball possible, you need someone in the team to actually neutralize the innings. You have seen Rahul Dravid playing so many great knocks for us, you need to use brains as well in IPL to build your innings. 
— Virat Kohli saying Twenty20 cricket is not just young man's game / April 2010
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 I actually first started toying with the idea before the last World Cup, when I started hitting balls at practice sessions with a baseball bat and was surprised at how well I was hitting them and how far the ball would travel. It gave me great leverage as you would have seen already and there is no question it gives you extra power when you are in an attacking position and wanting to dominate the bowlers, 
— Matthew Hayden on the idea of playing with the Mongoose bat / March 30, 2010
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 I think we have been trying to establish in the first half of this tournament what our best side is, it has changed a number of times, with mixed results. This game, coming tomorrow night, is the opportunity to have that decision to find our balance and play the cricket that our talent is capable of, 
— Matthew Hayden / March 30, 2010