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2010 FIFA World Cup Quotes


The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be the 19th FIFA World Cup, the premier international football tournament. It is scheduled to take place between 11 June and 11 July 2010 in South Africa. The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be the culmination of a qualification process that began in August 2007 and involved 204 of the 208 FIFA national teams. As such, it matches the 2008 Summer Olympics as the sports event with the most competing nations.

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 It was a poor World Cup, I didn't reach the form I would have liked to. You try and forget it and move on but obviously it's difficult. Going to the biggest tournament in the world you want to express yourself and we didn't do that, I didn't do that. We prepared well as a team but once we got on the pitch it didn't click. I was in the right state of mind. I just can't see why I didn't perform, and it still puzzles me to this day why I didn't perform to even half the performance levels I know I can do. 
— Wayne Rooney on his poor form that started in the 2010 FIFA World Cup / October 02, 2010
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 It's up to the manager who he selects and who he thinks is right for the squad. If he decides to make some big changes to the squad, then who are we [the players] to argue? We're just out there to do a job. It's all about England winning and not individuals. 
— Rio Ferdinand on Capello's decision to inject new youth in the England squad after their poor performance in the World cup / August 25, 2010
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 You don't become a bad player overnight and I don't think our manager did either. Before the tournament he was the best thing since sliced bread and we qualified in style. All of these media people said 'he's this' and 'he's that' and called him 'Don Fabio' now they've changed course. We didn't play well in the tournament and didn't get what we expected but that doesn't make him a bad manager overnight and people are going too far. 
— Rio Ferdinand supporting England Coach Fabio Capello despite their poor performance in the 2010 FIFA World Cup / August 25, 2010
 I wish I had gone. I did feel as though I had made the wrong decision. I had only been given a couple hours, so it was a bit of a rush job, but the World Cup is the biggest tournament you can be involved in. There was a touch of regret but it doesn't matter now. It has gone. 
— Paul Scholes regrets missing out the World Cup 2010 / August 20, 2010
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 I actually would like to know myself what went wrong. We didn't perform. As simple as that ... it was a sad one for the fans and for the country, but I think we should move on now. 
— Thierry Henry on French disastrous performance at 2010 FIFA World Cup / July 16, 2010
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 He [Ballack] is the captain of the national team and, if he returns, he will also recover the armband. Philipp assumed the role due to Michael's injury and he has been doing a good job, but two captains are too much for just one position. For me, the captain of the team is Ballack. 
— Bastian Schweinsteiger wants Michael Ballack to return as captain of German Football team / July 10, 2010
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 I don't make the decisions at the top. I need a few days of peace and distanced myself. I will make a decision in time, 
— Joachim Loew when asked if he would accept Germany's offer to continue as coach / July 10, 2010
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