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2010 Ashes Quotes


The 2010–11 Ashes series, known as the Vodafone Ashes Series for sponsorship reasons, will be played in Australia during the 2010–11 cricket season. Five tests will take place from 25 November 2010 to 7 January 2011.

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 [James] Anderson and [Stuart] Broad and those guys have really stepped up. They are coming together well as a team. We have to make sure at the end of the Indian tour that we have got everything in place to make sure that we're ultra-competitive against them. They [England] certainly have bowled well and they've had great conditions to bowl in as well, the English. We'll have a different set of conditions and a different ball when they come out here and I'm sure our guys will equip themselves really well. We know where we have to bowl to all of their batsmen. They've got no one there who's going to surprise us at all. 
— Ricky Ponting on the England cricket team / August 16, 2010
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 We know now that we're a more experienced and probably a better team now than we were then. We put that together plus we're playing in our conditions, we hope to win this series and win it well. Batting collapses probably were the reason we lost the series last time around and our inability to bowl them out on the last day in Cardiff. I've got confidence in the squad of players that we've got that they are going to be good enough to win an Ashes series. 
— Ricky Ponting / August 16, 2010
 It's absolutely possible, there's no reason why not. It's all in our hands. It's how well we play and how well we take charge of different situations. We've learned from a lot of the mistakes that we've made. 
— Ricky Ponting saying Austarlia can win Ashes series 5-0 / August 16, 2010