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2010-11 UEFA Champions League Quotes


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 I didn’t sleep last night thinking about it, I woke up four times, picking different teams, 
— Sir Alex Ferguson admitting to losing sleep thinking about which team to pick for the semifinal against Schalke / May 04, 2011
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 It is fantastic for Tottenham. They have a reason to be proud already. But I believe we are the better team and I believe we are going to do it. 
— Jose Mourinho said of Tottenham reaching the quarterfinals of UEFA Champions League / March 23, 2011
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 Winning the Champions League is not an obsession for Chelsea, it is a dream, 
— Carlo Ancelotti / March 20, 2011
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 It's going to be a difficult game, obviously they are a great side. But you have to look forward to games like this. These are the great days in your life and great days in Tottenham's history. You couldn't have a more exciting or tougher game. 
— Harry Redknapp is excited to be playing against Real Madrid in the Champions League Quarterfinals / March 18, 2011
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 We will not be overloaded, that's the advantage of it, 
— Arsene Wenger looks positives after losing to Barcelona in Champions League in the knock outs / March 11, 2011
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 The match against Hercules is not the right time for him to return to match action. But I think that he'll be able to start against Olympique Lyonnais on Wednesday, 
— Jose Mourinho saying Cristiano Ronald will be back in the team after recovering from injury for their Champions League clash against Lyon / March 11, 2011