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2010-11 Premier League Quotes


The 2010-11 Premier League is the nineteenth season of the Premier League since its establishment in 1992. The tournament is sponsored by Barclays and is called Barclays Premier League. The 2010–11 fixtures were released on 17 June 2010 at 09:00 BST. The season began on 14 August 2010 and will conclude on 22 May 2011. Chelsea are the defending champions.

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 We showed when we went to Old Trafford and won last year, which was the decisive game, that we could do it. There is no reason why we cannot do it again. 
— John Terry is hopeful that they can beat Manchester United at Old Trafford / May 06, 2011
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 It's something I've been thinking about a lot. I'm from Liverpool and grew up as an Everton fan so to be part of the team that overtake Liverpool would mean so much. 
— Wayne Rooney wants to be part of the team that overtakes Liverpool's tally of 18 Premier League titles / March 21, 2011
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 We want to catch United in the Premier League and beat them in the Champions League. We have to believe - we can win the title. 
— David Luiz believes Chelsea can successfully defend their Premier League title / March 21, 2011
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 I have no excuses for the poor performance at Liverpool, who were the better team and deserved their win, 
— Sir Alex Ferguson about their 3-1 loss to Liverpool in Premier League / March 09, 2011
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 I thought we played well at Chelsea. I didn’t think we deserved to lose the game and to concede the winning goal the way we did was disappointing. 
— Wayne Rooney about their 2-1 loss to Chelsea in Premier League / March 06, 2011

 If I were to leave Real I would like to coach a big club in the English or Italian league. But I would not coach a rival of a team with whom I have been happy. 
— Jose Mourinho would not coach a rival club of Chelsea / March 03, 2011
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 There are still 33 points in play, so it may happen. But it all depends on Manchester and whether they will feel the effects of this defeat. They still have it in their own hands and 12 points is a good lead. We have to keep winning. 
— Petr Cech saying defeating Manchester United was the only chance for them (Chelsea) to retain the Premier League title / March 02, 2011
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 He has been getting behind the lads, telling us to 'come on'. He has trained with commitment and played with commitment as a substitute. It is nonsense to say he is sulking. To have those three strikers at the club is huge for us in the final months of the season. They are three of the best in the world. 
— Frank Lampard about Dridier Drogba / March 02, 2011
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