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 Andy has to be able to play steady, not defensively necessarily but keeping the ball rolling, but he has access to a great backhand, which he hits extremely well down the line and he probably didn't do as much of that as he could against Roddick. The rest of his game stayed defensive and he could have pushed and used his groundstrokes a little more severely. 
— Rod Laver on Andy Murray / July 06, 2009
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 I don't think I played that passive. I think I hit a lot of winners. You know, my game style against him is not always to go on the court and try and blast winners all the time. 
— Andy Murray on his semi-final match against Andy Roddick / July 06, 2009
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 In a four hour match you're always going to go through good times and bad times and those were the bad times but you have to be able to turn those around. 
— Roger Federer / July 06, 2009
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 It's hard to change things, because the one whose serving is in control, We saw a classic example yesterday. He was unbreakable for such a long time. I didn't think I was going to win that break being down 6-2 but then at the same time I could have been up a break in the first set when I missed that forehand by very little. 
— Roger Federer reflecting on the final of 2009 Wimbledon against Andy Roddick / July 06, 2009
 It was a combination of being maybe a little bit sad for Andy after seeing Rafa was sad for me at Wimbledon last year. I felt like it was such a gruelling match, everybody was tired and felt for Andy so I didn't want to make a drama about it but I knew the importance and that it was one of the greatest moments in my tennis career. 
— Roger Federer on being reserved on his celebrations after beating Andy Roddick in the 2009 Wimbledon final / July 06, 2009

 It's hard to switch off, I want to see the match point again, I want to read something about what the fans saw, how the media saw it. I had about two hours sleep, but it doesn't matter. I slept enough to last three weeks and I still feel great. 
— Roger Federer reflecting on the match point of the 2009 Wimbledon final / July 06, 2009
 I'm still processing the whole thing because a lot has happened in the last few weeks. It was such a historic day in tennis and me being the main character in this... I have so many pictures going through my mind 
— Roger Federer on surpassing Pete Sampras's total of 14 Grand Slam singles titles / July 06, 2009
 I'm thinking like we were playing just recently in the finals and Venus and I were grunting really loud in the doubles and the other girls weren't doing anything, And after the point, I was thinking, 'Wow, that was pretty loud. Was that distracting for them?' 
— Serena Williams on her grunting during the Women's Doubles at Wimbledon / July 06, 2009
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