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2009 Queen's Club tournament Quotes


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 To win your first event on grass is nice - I had never made a final on grass. Tim Henman was a great grass-court player but there are so few tournaments on it. It was probably his best surface but he never won one. 
— Andy Murray on winning the Queen's club tournament / June 17, 2009
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 It is good for confidence any time you win tournaments 
— Andy Murray on winning the 2009 Queen's club tournament / June 17, 2009
 I was surprised to see him pull out of Queen's, and now the debate that he might pull out of Wimbledon is quite frightening, I don't like to see it, because you want the best to be playing in the biggest events. 
— Roger Federer on Rafael Nadal pulling out of Queen's Club tournament / June 08, 2009
 The Queen's Club tournament has an unbelievable history and it's the perfect preparation for Wimbledon. Playing on grass presents a different sort of challenge to the rest of the season and it's a good marker for me to see where my game's at. 
— Andy Murray enjoys playing at Queen's club / June 07, 2009
 I am very disappointed to not be able to come this year to Queen's, defend the title I won last year and enjoy playing there in front of that very knowledgeable crowds 
— Rafael Nadal about missing the Queen's club tournament this year / June 05, 2009