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2009 Oscars Quotes


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 She [Seyfried] was more nervous than I was! She's the one who got me freaked out. She was actually going: 'The revolver. What if your dress gets caught in the revolver? What if you fall down the stairs? What if our dresses become one?' And then [Academy co-producer] Adam Shankman's like: 'Oh, don't forget to add personality to it.' 
— Miley Cyrus blames co-presenter Amanda Seyfried for fluffing lines at the Oscar show / March 11, 2010
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 I just loved this dress! 
— Charlize Theron on her Oscar dress which attracted a lot of criticism / March 09, 2010
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 I thought it must be huge if the men have guns that big! 
— Carey Mulligan on the security at the Oscars Awards show / March 09, 2010
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 There were guys with enormous shotguns as I came in. That is when I thought, ‘This is major'. That is when I got really excited because it felt really big. 
— Carey Mulligan is excited to be at Oscars / March 09, 2010
 I'm scared I'm going to lose them. 
— Miley Cyrus scared of losing her expensive diamond earrings at 2009 Oscar night / March 08, 2010

 Through this journey and process... some reporters wrote, 'Someone needs to teach Mo'Nique a lesson. Someone needs to tell her how this game is played.' I am very proud to be part of an Academy that says, 'We will not play that game. We will judge her on her performance and not how many dinners she attended and how many pictures she took. It's on the screen.' I am proud to hold this Oscar in my hand. 
— Mo'Nique / March 08, 2010
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