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2009 Indian Elections Quotes


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 I can say that as of now, the BJP will emerge the single largest party and will be much ahead of the Congress 
— LK Advani saying BJP will form the government at Centre / May 08, 2009
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 We have appealed to all non-Congress and non-BJP parties to join us to form a non-Congress secular government. We are hopeful that they will join us. 
— Prakash Karat / May 08, 2009
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 Or assessment is that our combination is well-poised to form the government at the Centre. Mr. Naveen Patnaik will play an important role in the formation of non-Congress secular government. 
— Prakash Karat saying Naveen Patnaik will play a key role in government formation / May 08, 2009
 I want to tell the Congress that if you think after the elections the Left parties will bail you out, then you are living in your own dream world. That's not going to happen 
— Prakash Karat / May 07, 2009
 People are coming out to vote regardless of the boycott call given by the separatists and this itself is a healthy sign 
— Omar Abdullah / May 07, 2009
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 What would happen after the Elections will depend on numbers. After all ours is a multi-party system. Which political party holds how many seats in a vast electorate of more than 710 million voters, it is very difficult to make any assessment, precise assessment before the poll results are out and even two phases elections have not yet taken place. 
— Pranab Mukherjee on 2009 Indian elections / May 06, 2009
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 We will form a secular government. The rest will be decided by public and the numbers we get 
— Amar Singh / May 04, 2009
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 Right to vote is the biggest asset in democracy, which the Election Commission of India is depriving us of. Our voting strength has been reduced from two hundred thousand to seventy thousand. Imagine the condition of Narendra Modi in Gujarat if 70,000 Muslim voters were removed from the voters list, but since it is a Hindu issue, therefore nobody is speaking 
— accusing the Election Commission of discriminating the Kashmir's Pandits / May 04, 2009
 If a (party or alliance) that heeds our demands comes to power at the centre, I assure you that I shall take steps to create a Tamil Eelam in the same way as Indira Gandhi liberated Bangladesh 
— J Jayalalithaa / May 04, 2009
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 You might have heard that there is a fashion these days, you'd see everyone wants to be a prime minister. It looks as if they just have a single aim of grabbing prime minister's chair. I can confidently say that Congress party's aim is only to serve people, serving common man, 
— Sonia Gandhi / May 03, 2009
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