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2009 Indian Elections Quotes


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 Coordination is needed between the Centre and state governments as well as among countries to fight terrorism. We have also to take the help of diplomacy on issues relating to terrorism. 
— Manmohan Singh at an election rally at Howrah in West Bengal / May 2009
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 [Committed to] ensuring progress and development of all sections of society, including the poor, down-trodden, farmers and toiling masses without discriminating on the grounds of caste, creed or religion. 
— Rahul Gandhi on Congress party / May 2009
 Congress' policies and approach are never meant for any single religion or a particular caste but these were holistic and for the welfare of everyone regardless of communities 
— Sonia Gandhi / May 2009
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 NDA's rule was devoted to spreading hatred in the name of religion and caste and poisoning the society. Country's borders were unsafe during the period. 
— Sonia Gandhi terming the previous NDA regime as an era of darkness / May 2009
 I have fought this fight for your respect. Everybody wants bread to eat, but everyone want respect as well. I am standing here for the safety of children, for your respect and for your dignity. I just want to say that even if I get beheaded, I don't care, but I won't put your dignity at stake 
— Varun Gandhi at a public rally in Pilibhit parliamentary constituency / May 2009
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 During the time of elections, the BJP leaders talk about terrorism. They say that Congress Party does not fight terrorism. After Mumbai terror attacks, the Prime Minister put pressure on Pakistan and they for the first time accepted that perpetrators were from their soil. When the BJP was in power, the aircraft reached Kandahar. And Jaswant Singh had to concede defeat. And now they say that they don't remember what happened. We don't remember how minister went there. 
— Rahul Gandhi at a public rally in Aligarh / May 2009
 Let the elections be over and results be announced. Right now, we are trying to defeat the Congress and the BJP 
— Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee / May 2009
 It is too early to comment who is going to support whom. At the moment we are trying to form a government without Congress and BJP. 
— Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee when asked if Left parties could support a Congress-led government / May 2009
 If no party gets a clear majority, the Samajwadi Party should be the biggest supporter for making the government. The Samajwadi Party this time wants to be a part of the government. 
— Mulayam Singh Yadav campaigning for SP Candidate Yashvir Singh / May 2009
 I will continue to work for the youth unless I am forced by the prime minister and my boss (Congress president Sonia Gandhi).... But personally, I prefer to work for the youth. 
— Rahul Gandhi on working for the youth / May 2009